Engineering Information

Deployed since 2015, Packetsurge℠ is TOWARDEX’s separate backbone to scale packet-based transport services at the middle mile.  Built on top of our statewide optical network, Packetsurge delivers elastic networking and secure interconnections at cloud scale.  Packetsurge is completely separate from that of TWDX IP and does not share resources except for colocation.  Packetsurge maintains its own set of equipment and backhaul fibers & long-haul circuits.

Packetsurge was developed from 2015 Evolved Extensible Transport Program (EETP), which created a dedicated converged access network to provide packet-based transport services without sharing fate or resources with that of TWDX IP network.  The Packetsurge network comprises primarily of Cisco ASR 9900 Series routers.

AS 22147

Unrelated to TWDX IP, Packetsurge offers its own minor and accessory IP services under AS22147 called Commercial IP.  

Packetsurge’s Commercial IP service is for customers needing a simpler solution for retail colocation DIA and for regional routing optimizations.  Except for special circumstances and specific interconnection arrangements, Packetsurge generally does not peer; networks looking to peer with Packetsurge should instead apply for peering from TWDX IP.

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