TWDX Router Naming Convention

The naming convention used for routers on the TOWARDEX (TWDX) backbone is as follows:


Type/class designation of the router:

bbr      Backbone Router - P/MPLS LSR
dcr      Distribution Core Router - PE
ibr      Internet Border Router (peering)
acr      Access Router
csr      Customer Serving Router
csw      Customer Serving Switch

Interface type and slot positioning on the device:

fh-#-#-#-#   Cisco eXR        400 Gigabit Ethernet
et-#-#-#     Juniper          100 Gigabit Ethernet
hu-#-#-#-#   Cisco XR/ASR9k   100 Gigabit Ethernet
xe-#-#-#     Juniper          10 Gigabit Ethernet
te-#-#-#-#   Cisco XR/ASR9k   10 Gigabit Ethernet
xe-#-#-#s#   Juniper          Channelized 10GE broken out from 40GbE port
                              example: xe-0/0/48:0 is denoted as xe-0-0-48s0
ae-#         Juniper          802.3ad Link-Aggregation Interface, aka "Aggregated Ethernet"
be-#         Cisco XR/ASR9k   802.3ad Link-Aggregation Interface, aka "Bundle-Ether"
ge-#-#-#     Juniper          Gigabit Ethernet
ge-#-#-#-#   Cisco XR/ASR9k   Gigabit Ethernet
bvi-#        Cisco XR/ASR9k   Routed L2 domain interface
bdi-#        Cisco IOS XE     Routed L2 domain interface
irb-#        Juniper          Routed L2 domain interface 
                              (Enhanced L2 Software on New Generation EX & QFX and MX Routers)
vlan#        Any Vendor       VLAN (SVI/802.1Q)

Location/Common Site Code for the router:

BBY01	Boston, MA Back Bay (800 Boylston)
BOS01	Cambridge, MA (300 Bent Street)
BSN01	Somerville, MA (Legacy CISN colo)
BSN04	Somerville, MA (70 Inner Belt - Joint Network Facilities BSN 04)
BSN05	Somerville, MA (70 Inner Belt)
BST02	Boston, MA (230 Congress Street)
BST03	Boston, MA (1 Summer - 4th Flr)
BLR01	Billerica, MA (EdgeConneX EDCBOS01)
BRN01	Brockton, MA
CEF01	Springfield, MA
CHF01	Chelmsford, MA
CHT01	Charlton, MA 
LWL01	Lowell, MA
NDH01	Needham, MA 
NDH02	Needham, MA (105 Cabot)
ORH01	Worcester, MA
STB01	Sturbridge, MA 
JFK01	New York, NY (111 8th Ave)
NYK01	New York, NY (60 Hudson)
NYM01	New York, NY (32 Avenue of Americas)
EWR01	Newark, NJ (165 Halsey)
EWR02	Secaucus, NJ (2 Emerson Ln)
IAD01	Ashburn, VA (Equinix)
ORD01	Chicago, IL (350 E Cermak)
PVD01	Providence, RI (Level 3 - 375 Promenade St)
RES01   Reston, VA (CoreSite Reston)
SBO01	South Boston, MA (Fan Pier/Seaport Blvd)

Customer Routers

The naming convention used for routers on customer's premises is as follows:


CUST-NAME is capitalized string of the customer name. It is truncated at 11 characters.
upstream_router_type and locode signify the upstream TOWARDEX router providing connectivity to that customer.

Network Interface for Settlement-Free Interconnection (SFI)

The naming convention used for routers on the peer network's premises is as follows:


network_name: specifies name of the network that is interconnecting with TOWARDEX.
-px: stands for Private Exchange (PX) to signify a Private Network Interconnect (minimum speed 10GE).

Some Examples

bbr01-xe-11-1-0.bos01     Juniper 10G interface 11/1/0, Backbone Router 1 in Cambridge, MA (BOS01)
dcr01-ae-0-330.bst03      LACP sub-interface ae0.330, Data Center Router 1 in Boston, MA (BST03)
csw07-vlan220.bst02       Routed VLAN interface 220, Customer Serving Switch 7 in Boston, MA (BST02)
ACME-CORPOR.csw01.ewr01   Customer router belonging to "ACME CORPORATION", connected to Customer Serving Switch 1 in Newark, NJ (ewr01)
acmecorp-px               PNI to a private peer 'acme corp' - peer's side of the connection

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