Your network success story.

TOWARDEX is an independently owned network infrastructure provider in Boston, Massachusetts.  We were started by two college dropouts who were frustrated by the inefficiencies of networking and internet infrastructure in New England.  With many in our profession only caring about the revenue growth and being indifferent about improving services, we got fed up and started our own network provider in 2012.

From our beginning, we’ve built our business around one goal:  build an amazing network infrastructure that does not miss a beat in its technical sophistication and reliability.  Build something that customers will love us for.

Today, we’ve become a connectivity powerhouse for internet networks in Boston, providing convenient interconnection services for the largest telecommunications carriers, hyperscalers, enterprises, data centers, governments and universities.  We own and operate the Massachusetts Internet Exchange (MASS IX), the region’s fastest growing and leading peering point, and the Hub Express System, which is New England’s first truly open-access underground utility for data centers and internet networks.

What we do

We’re the #1 party to go to in Boston when organizations face challenges in connecting with other networks, or are trying to solve complex internet connectivity issues.  We provide disruptive connectivity solutions at scale for enterprises and service providers, with the dream of making New England a more connected and faster place for digital connectivity.

At TOWARDEX, we partner with our customers to drive success together.  We’re your network success story.

“As the saying goes, if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing it well.  Our customers love us because we lead with meticulous operational details in everything that we do, to deliver a quality infrastructure and internet connectivity experience.”

James Jun, Founder

Our timeline