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Carrier-class connectivity for any application

TOWARDEX offers creative transport services that support protocol-independent, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint configurations on diverse array of port options. Our transport services are provided via our statewide optical transport network with a self-healing architecture.

The high level of sophistication in design and engineering of our network allows us to offer an SLA that is above industry-standard, giving you the peace of mind in dealing with a reliable capacity provider. Moreover, because TOWARDEX owns many of its underlying assets, we're able to quickly scale up our backbone capacities and offer you the best value.


Ethernet Private Line (E-Line)

TOWARDEX E-Line service delivers you dedicated point-to-point connectivity between locations in compliance with Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) specifications.

Port speeds are available from 10Mbps to 10Gbps; Jumboframes up to 9000 bytes MTU and QinQ are also supported, allowing you to utilize any C-VLAN tags without coordinating with TOWARDEX.

Three levels of Class of Service (CoS) options are available. While it is customer's equipment (CE) responsibility to shape traffic before sending it onto our E-Line service, TOWARDEX also offers Traffic Normalization Service as a value-add option. With Traffic Normalization Service, customer can request TOWARDEX to provide traffic-shaping across both ends of the EPL, eliminating the need to shape traffic on customer's own equipment.

Ethernet ports are delivered using standard single-mode fiber (1310 nm). Customers can order Media Conversion Service to have their ports delivered using RJ-45/UTP, or optical wavelengths in any common CWDM or 100 Ghz DWDM bands.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) services are also available through Switched Digital Interconnect™ NNI ports.

Ethernet Virtual Private LAN (E-LAN)

Using scalable Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) technologies, TOWARDEX E-LAN service offers a transparent, multipoint-to-multipoint service designed for LAN interconnect over a metro area.

Port speeds range from 10Mbps to 1Gbps; standard MAC learning is used to efficiently switch customer's traffic to its intended destination. Connectivity is simple for customers to use; the E-LAN service supports virtually any number of sites/configurations.

Customers can send and receive E-LAN service in either "untagged" or "VLAN tagged" Ethernet frames. Our E-LAN service will preserve customer's VLAN tag and transparently pass layer 2 control protocols (i.e. spanning tree), allowing customers to manage their layer 2 networks independently without having to coordinate with TOWARDEX.

Ethernet Virtual Private Tree (E-Tree)

A derivative of E-LAN service above, our MEF compliant E-Tree service delivers a flexible point-to-multipoint Ethernet LAN service. It is suitable for running multicast services or for operating a secure "leaf to tree" communications network (such as for securing automation, sensors and SCADA devices).

Using the E-Tree service, customer specifies one or more root locations, and the rest become leaf nodes. The service will permit communication from root to leaves, but will prevent inter-leaf communication.

Wavelength Service

For customers requiring consistent performance (such as service providers and large enterprises), TOWARDEX provides scalable and highly flexible optical wavelength service. Our wavelength service is priced to compete against dark fiber assets and allows customers to quickly add backbone capacities without having to invest in costly optical transport platforms.

Because TOWARDEX owns substantial amount of its underlying assets, we can offer wavelength services with unparalleled level of flexibility. Available at any on-net data center locations, our wavelength capacities are available with diverse path options and with capacities of 1G, 10G, 40G and 100GigE.

G.709 Optical Transport Network (OTN) framing is used to transport Gig-E (1.25G) and 10GigE (10.3G) wavelengths. Standard delivery is via 1310nm wavelength using electro-optical conversion. Customers can also order Media Conversion Service to have their service delivered using RJ-45/UTP (Gig-E only), or via any desired wavelengths in common CWDM or 100 Ghz DWDM bands.

Latency Optimized Wavelength

Available in the Metro Boston area, our Latency Optimized Wavelength service is designed for data center interconnects that require the lowest possible latency. Latency Optimized waves are provisioned using the same specifications and standards used for our own IP backbone circuits.

Latency optimizations include: minimized O-E-O conversion and overheads at the optical layer (no TDM/muxponders, no FEC, no OTN), with only terminal transponders used to generate client signaling. Electro-optical (O-E-O) conversion latency is specified to stay within sub 15 nanoseconds. Additionally, the service also minimizes or avoids any unnecessary amplification and dispersion compensation.

Latency Optimized Wavelength service is delivered using the most direct premium fiber route available to minimize propagation latency and is provisioned straight from the DWDM photonic layer. The service is offered at a premium cost than standard wavelength service, however it caters to customers with specific applications that are extremely sensitive to latency (sub-100 microsecond class).

Managed Dim Lit Fiber

TOWARDEX's Managed Dim Lit Fiber product offers clients with a range of wavelength assignment within a fiber span while providing bandwidth flexibility similar to that of dark fiber serivce. The service is fully managed and offers you a plethora of choices in scaling your bandwidth needs without the hassle of managing an optical network.

With Managed Dim Lit Fiber, you can quickly obtain more bandwidth than wavelength service and have options with us for diverse routing, fiber reconfiguration, splicing and cross-connects. Get all the benefits of network ownership without having to construct the physical network yourself.

Dark Fiber

Available in select areas, TOWARDEX has access to significant dark fiber assets, usually on routes leading up to carrier hotels and large data centers. For more information, please contact us to inquire about dark fiber solution.

Contact an Ethernet or optical transport expert to discuss your needs.