Boston's Peering Revolution

Mass IX: Boston's premier cloud & internet peering exchange

Operated by TOWARDEX, the Massachusetts Internet Exchange (MASS IX) is a data center neutral, distributed cloud & internet peering exchange in Boston.

Present in over 6 data centers and built on our statewide optical network, MASS IX is a state-of-the-art interconnection platform dedicated to improving performance and lowering the cost of network interconnections throughout the Bay State.

Open to interconnection.

Through MASS IX, businesses can establish private cross-connects between each other using E-Line & E-Tree VLANs, and also publicly exchange internet traffic using the ISP Peering VLAN which provides access to all participating networks.

MASS IX is a carrier and data center neutral internet exchange. Available in every major data center and throughout our entire network footprint, MASS IX offers you the choice to choose the colocation provider that best fits your needs.

Better peering = lower costs + higher performance

By exchanging traffic locally in the Boston metro, you can eliminate unnecessary backhauls to distant cities like New York, increasing network performance and security. Because MASS IX is a distributed internet exchange, you get increased reachability to more networks over a single IX connection, allowing you to reduce network complexity and decrease costs.

Unparalled reach

MASS IX is the leading internet exchange in Massachusetts. Leveraging our most dense and diverse network of access points and interconnection facilities, MASS IX is just a cross-connect away from many participating data centers & carriers.

Tip:  It's not just for peering;  it's all about the ecosystem

By connecting to MASS IX, you join an ecosystem that provides one-stop shop for connectivity choices, including internet peering, IP transit, data center interconnect (DCI) and cloud connections.

Once connected, you have the option of configuring your MASS IX port as a multiplexed 802.1Q trunk. Under this configuration, you can establish private interconnects between any other MASS IX ports through E-Line & E-Tree connections, allowing you to facilitate cloud connections between members residing in different data centers.

Connections to cloud providers such as AWS DirectConnect and other internet exchanges in national markets (i.e. New York & Washington DC exchanges) are also available on MASS IX through participating networks. IP Transit services from IP providers are also available through the exchange.

Initially available in over 6 data centers and through several participating carriers, MASS IX offers unrivalled reach for cost-effective interconnections in the metro Boston market.

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Additional information about MASS IX services, including pricing, member list and traffic statistics are available at

Public Peering VLAN

Public VLAN provides access to all participants and is meant to be used for facilitating bilateral & multilateral peering between member networks. Route-servers are provided for multilateral peering (MLP) configuration. Please visit for an up-to-date list of participants.

Each participant's network must have an ASN (Autonomous System Number) assigned by an appropriate LIR or Regional Internet Registry (RIR), being either ARIN, RIPE-NCC, APNIC or LACNIC. During the provisioning process, this assignment will be checked.

Metro Cross-Connects

Using Metro Cross-Connects, you can establish connections between any MASS IX ports in the forms of Ethernet Virtual Private Line (E-Line) and Ethernet Virtual Private LAN (E-LAN).

Offers you the ability to arrange direct bilateral (private) peering or setup communities of interest, or simply form a layer-2 data center interconnect (DCI) by bridging two or more MASS IX ports for transport applications.

Cloud Connections and IP Transit

With our diverse participating networks, an ecosystem of various cloud connections such as AWS DirectConnect and IP transit services are also available on the exchange. For more information, including published pricing, please visit

Cloud & IP transit connections are provided using E-Line connections. While MASS IX does not control the bilateral relationship between participating members, it is not recommended for members to arrange IP transit over the public peering VLAN.   Metro Cross-Connects and IP transit services on the MASS IX ecosystem are provided for this very purpose.

Reap the benefits of cloud ecosystem & peering: Join MASS IX today.