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Switched Digital Interconnect™

TOWARDEX Switched Digital Interconnect (SDI) architecture is a scalable Layer 2 platform which connects diverse partner networks and carriers into a seamless Ethernet cloud that delivers point-to-point Ethernet with end-to-end connectivity around our network.

Your Communications, Your Choice.

SDI allows you to virtualize your interconnections between networks. Utilizing Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Network-to-Network Interconnect (NNI) standards using MPLS technology, SDI allows you to seamlessly interconnect your network to another participating carrier network from the cloud.

Using the SDI service, you can migrate your physical interfaces and ports to virtualized logical interfaces delivered over a single aggregate port. Benefits include: reduced operating costs, reduced total cost of ownership, simplified management of your network and increased speed to market.

Interconnect Solutions

For Enterprises

Optimized for connecting to the cloud and uses at the data center, SDI allows you to maximize the value from your Ethernet and dark fiber last miles. Using SDI, you can lower your costs by consolidating your interconnections using open standards and Ethernet.

Using the SDI service, you receive a single aggregated port available in 1G, 10G and Nx10G speeds with support for jumboframes up to 9000 bytes MTU. Once established, you can virtually pick up connectivity services, such as IP and lit service from a participating carrier of your choice. Your carrier's service is delivered to you using MEF compliant ENNI, as an Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL). VLAN tags are used to isolate your provider interfaces.

For Carriers

Using SDI, you can remotely sell your IP transit & lit transport services at off-net facilities. SDI allows you to expand your regional footprint in Massachusetts through our 125 miles of ultra low latency optical network, so you can reach more customers and maximize your existing investment in the market.

As a participating carrier, you receive a wholesale ENNI port available in 10G, Nx10G and 100G speeds in compliance with MEF.33 E-Access definitions. Customer UNI ports are mapped to your ENNI using both Access EPL and EVPLs, delivered through SDI infrastructure as an operator virtual circuit (OVC). Support for multiple CE-VLANs and ingress bandwidth profile per OVC end point are available. You can specify and limit OVC end point bandwidth from 1Mb to 10Gbits/s.

While end-user customer equipment (CE) is expected to shape traffic before placing it onto SDI OVC, carriers can order Traffic Normalization Service outside of MEF specifications. With Traffic Normalization Service, SDI will provide traffic-shaping at both ends of the OVC.

For Data Centers

Data center owners can partner with SDI and leverage our network footprint to reach carriers and service providers who are not natively present in their own facility.

Under this solution, TOWARDEX will install network facilities inside the data center owner's centralized interconnection room (Meet-Me/POP Room), with diverse fiber pairs fed from our statewide optical transport network. With our facilities in place, you can either treat SDI as a carrier and sell cross-connects, or execute wholesale transport agreement with TOWARDEX to buy in bulk and pass savings onto your tenants.

For Peering & Exchanges

Using SDI, internet exchange providers can offer remote peering ports on a resale basis, allowing them to reach more members. Remote peering extensions are provided using MPLS architecture and can be delivered using either VPLS or individual pseudowires.

End-user connection speeds are available in 1G and 10G port speeds. Exchange providers can either invoice their customers directly, or have TOWARDEX bill the customer using a resale model.

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