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Leave your network to us

Running a large network is no easy task— designing a scalable & robust architecture, ensuring uptime and constantly improving efficiency— these ongoing responsibilities can be overwhelming for even the largest IT department.

At TOWARDEX, we do this for a living every day. We constantly hone our skills, methods, procedures and tools that keep our world-class network running smoothly around-the-clock. Don't let your complex and large network slow you down— tap onto our expert knowledge and put our experience to work for you today.

We're your network strategy experts.

TOWARDEX applies innovative approaches to design and integration of highly sophisticated network architectures, maximizing adaptability, scalability and performance.

We design and operate some of the largest and complex networks for Fortune 500 enterprises, healthcare and service providers today. Our carrier-grade approach to designing infrastructures provides our customers with the benefit of owning a sophisticated world-class network of their own, delivering unparalleled scalability and efficiency.

Transform your network into a competitive edge

With TOWARDEX Enterprise Network Services (ENS), you can leverage the expertise and experience of our engineers and project managers who work on our mission-critical network every day.

By partnering with TOWARDEX, you gain strategic planning advice from the perspective of running a service provider network. From project design to staging, delivery and onto ongoing operations, you get the benefit of our first-hand experience in providing you with proven network solutions.


Professional Services

Our Professional Services can help you with complex network design, migration planning & execution, implementation support and lifecycle management.

Available on retainer plans and cost-plus-incentive-fee contracts, TOWARDEX can augment your IT staff with flexible, custom designed solutions to meet your business and technical requirements.

Managed Optical Network Service

Custom designed optical network solution that leverages TOWARDEX engineers' expert knowledge in designing and operating state-of-the-art optical transport networks.

Provides you with strategic advice, design and management solutions in deploying your optical network, including dark fiber procurement and operating optical transport systems. Our managed network service can help you avoid the time, costs and specialized knowledge required to undertake a complex optical network project.

Managed Dim Lit Fiber

TOWARDEX's Managed Dim Lit Fiber product offers clients with a range of wavelength assignment within a fiber span while providing bandwidth flexibility similar to that of dark fiber serivce. The service is fully managed and offers you a plethora of choices in scaling your bandwidth needs without the hassle of managing an optical network.

With Managed Dim Lit Fiber, you can quickly obtain more bandwidth than wavelength service and have options with us for diverse routing, fiber reconfiguration, splicing and cross-connects. Get all the benefits of network ownership without having to construct the physical network yourself.

Managed Internet Service

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) from our low latency IP backbone with TOWARDEX provided and managed router(s).

TOWARDEX will provide you with lease of either one or two routers (depending on whether you need redundancy), then configure and monitor your internet connection. Ideal for providing redundant internet connectivity for your enterprise— we manage the internet routing, you manage the rest.

Customers can also provide their own supported router and have TOWARDEX manage it on their behalf instead.


Obtain the privacy and security of having your own private network with the flexibility of Internet Protocol (IP). MPLS VPN service provides you with a layer 3 routed private IP network, allowing you to converge voice, data and video applications over an integrated network infrastructure.

Our MPLS VPN services are provided from a completely separate network infrastructure which does not share traffic resources with our IP network. This separation provides you with an added peace of mind and performance benefit of network resources being solely dedicated to private IP connectivity services.

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