About Us

We are the performance network and engineers you can rely on.

TOWARDEX is a Massachusetts-based network services provider specializing in providing innovative and optimized connectivity solutions for the cloud and network-enabled enterprises.

Our mission is to deliver insight, strategic advice and technical means to maximize the value for our clients. We believe that connectivity should not hinder our customers' drive for business. We are committed to never stop innovating to deliver the best network experience for our customers. TOWARDEX— We're your network success story.

The most sophisticated network for data center users

We operate a highly sophisticated fiber network dedicated to delivering uncompromising performance for data centers. Our 125 route miles of statewide optical network reaches all of the major data centers, carrier hotels and interconnection facilities, providing fiber access to network-enabled enterprises, data centers and cloud providers.

At TOWARDEX, we have a strong passion for networking and our team works tirelessly around-the-clock to deliver you the world-class network experience. Our superior route diversity, ultra low latency IP connectivity and specific blend of robust performance are unmatched by those of typical enterprise service providers.

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